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Power of Appointment

What is a Power of Appointment? A person who has a power of appointment over property has the authority to determine who, possibly including that individual, will become the beneficial owner of the property.[1]  A beneficiary can receive a power of appointment from...

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Estate and Gift Tax 2016 Application

The estate and gift tax now operate under a unified system.  A unified estate and gift tax credit or unified credit is a tax credit applied against the federal unified transfer tax. This credit is referred to as the "unified" credit because federal gift and estate...

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What is a Trust Protector?

An estate planner cannot plan for everything, but an estate plan can include an unrelated third party to oversee the trust and make changes to the plan with any required fluctuations or changed circumstances.  This unrelated third party is called a trust protector.  A...

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Pokémon Go, Digital Assets and Estate Planning

Pokémon Go, Digital Assets and Estate Planning With about 20 million daily users according to Survey Monkey, Pokémon Go is a popular game.  Pokémon Go has shaken up the legal world with its users trespassing on other’s property or possibly creating liability for...

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What is a Digital Asset?

Digital Assets and Estate Planning What is a digital asset? A digital asset is any kind of computing device, data storage device, electronically stored information, user accounts (i.e. Facebook, Gmail, Web pages, blogs, Itunes, eBay, etc.), Domain Names and...

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