Taylor Made Estate Plans

We Have the Experience.  Our firm has over 30 years of experience with Estate Planning and Estate and Gift Tax.  We have perfected our estate planning process and have narrowed it to four parts.  (1) An initial consultation, (2) a review meeting, (3) an execution meeting and (4) funding your estate plan.

We Don’t Farm Out our Work.  An experienced attorney is committed to completing the Estate plan start to finish.  No work is handed off to inexperienced staff or associates.

Father-Son Team.  2-for-1.  When our firm is hired to draft an estate plan, the estate plan is being reviewed by two attorneys, Michael and Taylor.  The Father-Son Team.  This eliminates the possibility for any scrivener error or missed planning strategies.

Taylor Made Estate Plan.  Our estate plans are Taylored individually to our clients.   After an extensive interview we are able to determine the right plan for each of our clients.

We Help You Fund the Plan.  Most estate planning attorneys deliver the estate plan to the client without funding it with any assets of the client.  After executing the estate plan, we fund the estate plan.  This means, we take time to review which assets of yours should be placed in the estate plan and produce the appropriate documents to finalize the funding.

Please review our Estate Planning Questionnaire.  It is a great start to our Initial Free Consultation!

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