Probate Administration and Litigation

We Have the Experience.  Our firm has over 30 years of experience with Probate Administration and Litigation.  We have perfected our Informal Probate Administration process and have narrowed it to four parts.  (1) Application for Probate, (2) Notice, Inventory and Appraisement (3) Account, Administer and Answer Claims  and (4) Close the Estate.

We Don’t Farm Out our Work.  An experienced attorney is committed to completing the Probate Administration from start to finish.  No work is handed off to inexperienced staff or associates.

Father-Son Team.  2-for-1.  When our firm is hired to administer an Arizona probate estate or litigate an estate, EVERYTHING is being reviewed by two attorneys, Michael and Taylor.  The Father-Son Team.  This eliminates the possibility for any scrivener error or missed administration strategies.

CPA and Tax Attorney.  Attorney Michael Williams is a Certified Public Accountant and Tax Attorney.  Our clients always appreciate an experienced CPA and Tax Attorney providing tax advice while administering the Probate Estate.  It is our goal to provide Tax Advice throughout the entire time you are being represented.

Transparency.  Our fees and costs are disclosed to you at your Free Initial Consultation.  They do not change!

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